What Happens Someday

It’s not that you don’t love your job.  But let’s face it, you’re a nine-to-fiver. Weekdays are pretty much a write-off. By the time you get through the front door at the end of the day, it’s all you can do to pour yourself a glass of wine and unzip your pants. If you’re lucky, you get to flake out on the couch for 45 minutes until family duties drive you to action. Sure, there may be some days when you can muster up the mandatory excursion to the dentist after work, or the carefully timed mission to Service Ontario on your lunch hour, but there’s just only so much you can accomplish between home time and crash o’clock, right?

That means that the majority of your errands and social life must be accomplished on one of those two special days, Scatterday and Someday.  But really, you can forget about Scatterdays.

On Scatterday, you at least wake up early because your body is on a 9:30 pm sleep schedule. From there, the day is a blur. You hoist a week’s worth of clothes into the laundry machine and hasten to the grocery store to beat the crowds. But as usual, the Superstore is already rammed by 8:30 am. No matter how well-organized your grocery list is, it still takes you an hour to grab everything and check out, and when you get home you realize you forgot the sour cream. Again.

The afternoons are less predictable. Sometimes, you’re finally getting around to organizing your closet, or tackling the weeds in the garden, or cleaning out the fridge. Other times, you’re able to get out to see that movie with your spouse, or get your hair done, or catch up with a friend. Those afternoons go by so fast that you’ve but blinked twice before you find yourself back at home, realizing that your laundry from that morning is still crumpled up in the drier waiting for you to fold them. You try to stay up late because it’s Scatterday night, and that’s what you’re supposed to do. But you end up passing out at 9:30 pm, because that’s what you always do.

So really, Scatterday is a write-off too. Everyone knows that Someday is the only day you can get anything done.

Someday is far less hectic than any other day of the week. It’s the one day that you have some amount of mental space. You are introspective. You wake up early in order to get to yoga class. Then you dream that Someday you’ll be the one teaching the class instead of being the one who falls on their face during crow pose. Instead of finding nirvana as you lay in savasana, you think about how you still need to pick up the sour cream, and Someday you’ll remember to buy it at the same time as the rest of your groceries.

The afternoon creeps in and you start thinking about the workweek ahead. You sigh to yourself that Someday you’ll have more time to do accomplish everything else you wanted to do.

That night, you stare at your computer screen and think that Someday you’ll have enough time to write something, because you do love to write, you just really don’t have time to today.

Then in one magical moment, you remember that Someday is today.

And then you write.


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  1. Hily says:

    It’s too bad that you get sleepy so early cause midnight grocery shopping is amazing. No lines or people … So nice. Even 10pm is good 😉 but you know I’m the perpetual night owl.

    • Corrie Alexander says:

      Hilybob, I am so happy to see you’ve visited my little blog. 🙂 I bet late night shopping *is* the best! If only I could stay awake long enough to try it!!

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